Company history

1989 Occasional interpreting during studies in Germany - only as student work experience. But even in the then Czechoslovakia, it was already possible to be a self-employed interpreter.

1990 Registration of the business firm "Jaromír Rux – Interpreter" with the then people's committee. A cautious public servant strongly recommended that I do not offer or provide my services to foreigners "lest it's going to cause problems", which, in my line of work, is a very difficult to fulfill request to say the least .... Oh dear, those were the days ....  

1991 Introducing the name KLASSE. The business name changes to Jaromír Rux - KLASSE.

1993 Taking on board of colleague Ladislav Vacek, establishing a partnership which continues under the name of Jaromír Rux - KLASSE. The first and last, and the only change in the business owner structure. Moving the business from an apartment to its first office in Jankovcova Street. The office, two rooms in a basement, was handed over to us in a dilapidated state. We spent the first two months renovating. At that time, it was impossible to buy off-the-shelf office furniture and we had to have it custom made. I brought the office lamp (still working up to this day) from Thessaloniki.

1994 Registration of the trademark KLASSE ®

2002 Floods and a new office in a beautiful building in Letna. Actually a forced change for the better.

2004 Implementing the international standard ISO 9001:2001.

2006 Transformation of the partnership to the company KLASSE, s.r.o. A formal change due to the reluctance of large companies to submit large projects to self-employed individuals.

2010 J. Rux appointed a certified interpreter. Expanding activities to Germany. Membership in the Chamber of Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of the Czech Republic.

2011 Winning first regular clients in Asia.

2012 Web pages from 2002 (facelift in 2009) finally updated to modern form.